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A number of important ideas inspired the revival of Milus. They are the Milus vision - a vision based on values to which the Milus team is deeply committed. This vision has brought together a team of human beings who identify themselves to such values and who are enjoying establishing a brand that truly lives up to their aspirations.

The key aspects of our vision are rooted in a very simple and traditional concept: «Re-launch a watch brand in a positive working environment, gathering the skills of each other in order to produce quality timepieces and creating a sustainable watchmaking business model in close relationship with our clients, suppliers, and partners, that is both fair and genuine.” We adapt to the new age of doing business in favour of all our stakeholders. “We look for mutual and true partnerships rather than being egoistic and purely profit-oriented ”.


We are fully committed to provide products of the highest quality to our clients based on the know-how of our industrial partners from the regional economic networks, while limiting at maximum the use of plastic and non-recyclable materials.

We place our passion, heart and soul to show beyond our borders that it is possible to create beautiful watches that combine technical excellence and precision while respecting our environment and values. Furthermore, we aim to support local companies and environment while offering the client a truly masterpiece at reasonable and fair prices by cutting of unnecessary middlemen.


To create a highly favorable environment Milus pays special attention to its corporate culture.

The key ingredients of such culture include creation, passion, commitment and sharing common sustainable values.

Our fundamental belief is that a company with an inspiring vision, high integrity, a philosophy of human management and high values attracts highly qualified employees and meets their expectations.

In return, every employees attract the right partners, retailers and ultimately customers, and deliver quality products at competitive prices while meeting sustainable profitability objectives.

Share and force identical values with our partners and business customers.

Develop a close relationship with all our partners and create the so-called horizontal collaboration.

Have a respectful attitude towards all our employees, industrial partners, customers and environment.

Rely on all potential synergies of the team and the crucial strengths of each member.

Develop a sustainable watchmaking model based on long-term collaboration and partnerships.

Personal and direct communication with all our clients and other stakeholders.

MILUS products

Milus aims to deliver high quality products, while respecting the environmental and social standards that are dear to all of us. All our partners are invited to follow our mission.

Milus timepieces, accessories and other components are assembled and packaged in a spirit that is respectful to the environment and the human values.